Vintage Bicycle Workshop

Welcome to the world of vintage bicycles. 

A world of romance, nostalgia and beauty.
In the age of mass production  the sense of creativity and expression of  love and care for a real treasure has been lost. As a result there is a trend where people are looking to be proud owners of a true vintage bicycle.  Fortunately bicycles can exist for many years so we search to the ends of the earth to collect, restore, renovate and in some cases remake classic bicycles that have left a legacy.

Our aim is to promote a vintage philosophy whereby you can be a noble  rider of one and not have it tucked away in a corner, or on display like an antique object.
We quote:      “ life’s too short to ride silly bikes!”

The setting up of our workshop has been a true challenge and we are proud of the quality and meticulous care taken in working on each and every vintage bicycle.


We live with our bicycles

We live everyday with our bicycle. We bike to work. Thessaloniki has an increasing bicycle community that slowly takes its place at the streets. The fastest and happiest way to move in the city!