Hand made bicycle by Dutch frame builder, Knoops. SLX tubing, original paint from late 80s. Transformed as a fixed gear.

Koga Miyata

A bicycle with a long history from mid 70s. Made in Holland by Japanese makers. Old racing bike turned into a really fast fixed gear. Many rides after we turn it to a road bicycle. Parts changed over time according to the owners.  


This bicycle has a long history of transformations. The owner is a man how love changes. Firstly was biuld as a fixed gear and had the original paint. After a few month he decides to change the color. Then we turn the bicycle to a road bike, as it was from its origin. Some time later he … More Pinarello


French handbuit bicycle from Omnium, really old bike from early 1900’s, restored in my workshop. This bicycle was restored to be exposed in museum.


Kalkof is a German hand made frame bicyle from 70s Restored at the beginning as a single speed and later as a fixed gear bicycle.