Koga Miyata

A bicycle with a long history from mid 70s. Made in Holland by Japanese makers. Old racing bike turned into a really fast fixed gear. Many rides after we turn it to a road bicycle. Parts changed over time according to the owners.  


This bicycle has a long history of transformations. The owner is a man how love changes. Firstly was biuld as a fixed gear and had the original paint. After a few month he decides to change the color. Then we turn the bicycle to a road bike, as it was from its origin. Some time later he … More Pinarello


French handbuit bicycle from Omnium, really old bike from early 1900’s, restored in my workshop. This bicycle was restored to be exposed in museum.


French hand made bicycle. Hurtu was one of the first France manufacturers from 1895. This is a fully restored bicycle from early 20s.


Kalkof is a German hand made frame bicyle from 70s Restored at the beginning as a single speed and later as a fixed gear bicycle.


Gesal folding bicycle. Original parts, fully restored, ready to ride it. And two photos of how it was before:  


Batavus is a handmade frame set from Holland Columbus SLX tubing Fully restored,  Painted with electrostatic blue polish. Frame available for sale at 480 € Size: 59cm